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u : 19 November 2009 • 11:02AM -0500

Merge halted with "Error reading spooled REPORT request response"
by Yuen-Chi Lian



I am trying to merge a feature branch to the trunk (with some local
edit). By doing a dry run, I get:

--- Merging r2267 through r2464 into '.':
A    test/integration-test
A    test/integration-test/src
A    test/integration-test/src/test
... (trimmed)
A    test/integration-test/pom.xml
   C test/pom.xml
   C test/pom.xml
A    test/util
A    test/util/pom.xml
--- Merging r2267 through r2464 into 'reporting':
D    reporting/src/test/java/itest
U    reporting/pom.xml

However, when I really perform the merge, svn will fail at:

svn: Attempt to add tree conflict that already exists
svn: Error reading spooled REPORT request response

$ svn st
      C test/pom.xml
      >   local edit, incoming delete upon merge

After resolving the conflict and re-run the same merge command, svn will
re-do the pervious merge (since nothing has gone into svn:mergeinfo
yet?). So what can I really do to make sure I can proceed with the rest
of the merges?


Yuen-Chi Lian |
"I do not seek; I find." - Pablo Picasso


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