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w : 7 November 2009 • 2:43AM -0500

[W2l] [TelFOSS/W2FOSS] Welcome-to-FOSS 2009 - Demo of Cool Open Source Software
by Shlomi Fish


Hi all!

The Tel Aviv Linux club will meet this Sunday on 08-November-2009 on 18:00 to
hear Tal Ko's "Demo of Cool and Cross-platform Open Source Software". The talk
will take place in the Holcblat ("הולצבלט" in Hebrew), hall no. 007 in the
main corridor of the Exact Sciences building in Tel Aviv University.


In the first meeting we will introduce several popular, comprehensive, and
high-quality open-source programs which can be installed and run both on Linux
and Windows, to show that open source is ready for the masses and that it is
indeed possible to use open-source programs, to recommend them to your
friends, and maybe even to contribute to them (not necessarily by actual
programming, of course). Since the purpose of the series is to introduce the
world of open-source code to people who are not very familiar with it, please
spread the word about the meeting to those people you know who haven't
installed Linux yet, or aren't heavy users or fans of open-source programs.

Everyone are welcome. More information can be found in these resources:




Shlomi Fish

Shlomi Fish
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