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w : 28 May 2005 • 6:18PM -0400

[WM] handle with webmake.cgi
by Jose Antonio Delgado Trujillo


Hello everybody (or anybody because no one seems to reply here ).
I' m a little stress because i couldn run properly webmake.cgi
I am doing a homework for the university UOC.
Here is my enviroment:
I use xammp which combine diferent packets in one (Apache, perl, php,...
). I use  localhost as site.

Here what i did:
Untar the webmake software
link webmake.cgi at /opt/lampp/cgi-bin
Modify httpd.conf to create a protected area
Create the webmake.passwd file with the htpasswd command.
Modify webmake.cgi
        the place where is site_perl
chmod webmake.cgi

What is happen:
I browse with Mozilla webmake.cgi but it doesn't handle with this file.
It appears a message with several #i file and it does not what to do.

But if i execute webmake.cgi in a console i recived the mesagge
[Sat May 28 10:41:24 2005] webmake.cgi: unauthorised access from localhost
[Sat May 28 10:41:24 2005] webmake.cgi: WebMakeCGI: This site can only
be edited by authenticated users.

Somebody can help me????

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