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w : 29 November 2004 • 1:24AM -0500

[WM] problem with w3 validator
by Luca Gibelli



I'm trying to make a w3 compliant website.
Here are the problems I encountered (please keep in mind that HTML is
not my field):

1) I need to put a "&" in some links, I'm using the following code
inside a content "text/et" block:

<img src="http://localhost/here.php?where=italy&when=now">

I also tried without the etsafe tag and with & instead of &
The result is always the same, the tag generated by webmake is:

<img src="http://localhost/here.php?where=italy&when=now" />

which is incorrect (it should read & instead of &)

2) There are some illegal <p> tags according to w3 validator.


<content name=body format="text/et" />
<div id="Header">
**Big letters**
test page

translates into:

<div id="Header">
<strong>Big letters</strong>
test page

and the w3 validator don't like seeing a div block enclosed into <p>

I'm running webmake 2.4 and ettext 2.3.
Attached are the files to reproduce the problem. Any help is much appreciated.


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