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w : 7 January 2005 • 4:52AM -0500

[WM] Question on webmake.vim
by Virr


Couple things I noticed about webmake.vim.

First why does the line below use <sfile>:p:h/perl.vim  instead of
syntax/perl.vim ?:
syn include @htmlPerlScript <sfile>:p:h/perl.vim

If the syntax/perl.vim is used it will search for perl.vim relative to
the the runtime paths.  It should work whichever syntax directory you
put webmake.vim into is.  I put it in my ~/.vim/syntax/ directory and
that works.

Also the perl.vim would load for me correclty, I had to add a line:
unlet! b:current_syntax

I have attached a patch against cvs for these.

Also it suggests putting the following into your .vimrc:
" au BufNewFile,BufReadPost *.wmk so $HOME/.vim/webmake.vim
" map ,wm :w!<CR>:! webmake -R %<CR>
Instead I put this line into my ~/.vim/filetype.vim file:
au BufNewFile,BufReadPost *.wmk setf webmake
This makes it work like filetypes shipped with vim do.  I figured it
was better to follow vim's lead, even if the other way worked.

I then put this into my ~/.vimrc file:
autocmd FileType webmake setlocal makeprg=webmake
That way I can just type :make like I can for c files.  Works really
well, though I found like setglobal instead since tend to have my wmk
file open, and split for any of my other files I'm editting.

Of course I'm running vim 6.3, so maybe these aren't in earlier
versions (though I'm pretty sure they are in the 6.x series).

Otherwise I must say I really happy with webmake.

Darren Cole

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