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Weekly Niue News
[2004-09-11: list updated for new site]
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>     May 4, 2005 - Election News That You Need To Know About Niue
>    Attempts At Political Bonding
>    Moves are underway in political circles on Niue to ensure past
>    stable government is maintained along with economic
>    development policies. Early this week the spokesperson for the
>    alliance of independent MP's Mrs O'Love Jacobsen met with
>    Premier hopeful Young Vivian. In the next issue of Niue News
>    we'll tell you how the factions are planning to try and cement
>    a sound working relationship in the island's Assembly.
>    Election Drama Continues At Recount
>    businesswoman Maihetoe Hekau will sit down and recount the
>    weekend votes. The first check has revealed both candidates
>    have tied for sixth place on the common roll. The tied votes
>    has delayed the issuing of final results.
>    Mrs Hekau is out of the country at present attending her
>    daughter's graduation in Auckland. She is being represented by
>    Mrs O'love Jacobsen.
>    [date.gif]  Thursday, 05 May 2005
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