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w : 29 April 2005 • 7:43PM -0400

Re: win-desktop-forum digest: April 28, 2005
by Tim Hare


I don't have a comprehensive list of fields, but it doesn't even handle
vCalendar (version 1.0) completely. I was trying to determine a similar
thing for an XSLT template which went from XML -> vCalendar and didn't ever
find out completey.
I have reported a bug to Palm because they don't support this (iCalendar)
but have had no real response.

The best I can tell you to try, is to enter an event like your event into
Palm Desktop and export it to .vcs, then use only those fields.

Either that, or look into the SDK.

At 04:16 AM 4/29/2005, you wrote:
>WIN-DESKTOP-FORUM Digest for Thursday, April 28, 2005.
>1. VCS file support
>Subject: VCS file support
>From: JamesSturdevant <james@stur...>
>Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 14:21:00 -0500
>X-Message-Number: 1
>I am investigating methods to transfer calendar events to an from
>various systems. When I try to bring a .vcs file into Palm Desktop which
>has a version number of 2.0 it fails. If I change the version to 1.0 and
>remove a number of the entries it will succeed.
>I understand that 2.0 is a .ics file and Palm doesn't support that.
>What I would like to know is what exactly are the fields that Palm supports.
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Tim Hare
Interested Bystander, Non-Inc.

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