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w : 31 August 2009 • 12:45AM -0400

[wormhole] Is This Due Dilligence?
by EpSil0n-//


Testing with Due Diligence

There is little doubt if the LHC does all that it is supposed to do and
strange particles including the Higgs boson are discovered it will be a
giant step forward in our understanding of the cosmos. For all that we
do know about the universe there is so very much more we do not
understand. The test/detector results from the  this SUPER-collider
will be great and will be extraordinarily exciting. CERN has looked at all
of the consequences and most scientists do not expect a catastrophe. But,
some do.

Some have suggested that cosmic rays bombard the earth and us constantly
and we're still here. Protons traveling around in the LHC 11,000 loops in
a second - will be over 99% the speed of light. Nothing gets much faster.
When protons smash into each other at that speed - close to the speed
limit of matter - what will be the outcome?

The consequences of these collisions may be mini black holes.  Tiny black
holes grow into very large black holes. There is an accretion disk around a
black hole just before the event horizon where visible matter is being
sucked into the black hole pulled toward the holes center,
its singularity.

If the Big Bang is a correct theory the universe which some say is
infinite began as very tiny (too small to see) microscopic no-width and
no-height dense energy and has been expanding ever since. There is a black
hole in the middle of every galaxy and some of them are millions of times
more massive than our SUN and they continue to grow in size - called
(gravitational) accretion. No one has ever seen nor detected one on Earth
before but that may change then they crank up the LHC.

"One potential method of destruction OF THE PLANET is that the LHC will
create tiny black holes that could swallow everything in their path
including the planet. In 2002, (physicist) Roberto Casadio at the
Universita di Bologna in Italy and a few pals reassured the world that
this was not possible because the black holes would decay before they got
the chance to do any damage." (lhc-black-holes at physics arXiv blog)

The traditional wisdom, an impossible concept in science by the way, HAS
BEEN that any black holes created by these proton collisions would decay
before they swallow the Earth. Well, now - after thinking about it for
several years there are more and more physicists who are having second
thoughts about mini-black hole decay. They are saying now, what if the
decay does not keep pace with the mBH's (mini-black holes) growth? The
point is, they really don't know.

Casadio has also changed his mind. He no longer reassure us that black
holes will decay faster than they grow. I think we're in deep do do now.

"...there is no such thing as "rest" within the center of the Earth: the
temperature is 7000 K; the density is 13,000 kg per cubic meter. And,
after all, temperature is just an epiphenomenon of moving
particles......." (Read this at "Hole Growth in the Warped
Brane-World Scenario at the LHC")

"....the effective velocity that an mBH feels while at "rest" within the
Earth's core is equivalent to an mBH traveling at just less than the
escape velocity of the Earth...." (

black hole) and thus there is a NET (kilogram scale) growth of the black
hole - out-pacing its decay.

What would Albert Einstein say? He didn't work on the Atom bomb because he
was opposed to war and he was opposed to potential catastrophic devastation
from a nuclear fission. He warned of the possibility of a flash-fire of the
Earth's atmosphere and a nuclear chain reaction.

Here we go again: Nobody knows what will happen when the LHC is turned on
and they start smashing particles of protons. One thing is for sure:
Testing under these conditions may be fine. But it may not be. Is this due

Let the Good Times Roll!

Hank Roth

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