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w : 25 November 2007 • 6:27AM -0500

[Wpkg-announce] WPKG 1.0-rc1 released
by Tomasz Chmielewski


Finally - a Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger version of WPKG!

Most of you probably noticed lots of posts with a "Major WPKG
enhancements, remote logging, doc, internal restructuring" title. Yes,
this title, and a big version number increase say it all: it's really a
big improvement for all current and future users of WPKG.

To be frank, I didn't imagine WPKG moving to this stage this or even
next year, but suddenly it happened - one very talented programmer to
rule them all: Rainer Meier. It's him who implemented these all new
exciting features, but also fixed almost all bugs we had in the
bugzilla. Big bravo! :)

There were so many changes that I don't include them in this post - see
the changes[1], and a longish thread on bugzilla[2] for more info.
Still, new functionality needs to be properly documented on the web site
(although Rainer documented them very well either in bugzilla, and/or in
the changelog files).

So, once again, big big thanks to Rainer Meier for his great
contributions, but also for Falko Trojahn for ideas and testing, and all
others who shared their ideas for this release.

Technically, this release[3] is bug and regression free of course ;) -
but if you happen to find one, don't hesitate and let us know.


Tomasz Chmielewski

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